Start Your Engines

This web site is about the travel adventures of Art and Mary. During our 50+ years together, we’ve always enjoyed traveling and camping.

In the summer of  2011 Mary retired, we sold our house and moved into an RV as full-timers. In 2013, we had to deal with a kidney transplant for Art (bummer) so we stopped…but we are now back to traveling again just not as full-timers.

The inspiration for the web site name came from a local icon in the small Indiana community where we lived for 16 years. The town is the home of Taylor University and the students take great enjoyment painting graffiti on an abandoned railroad bridge nearby. As we considered our adventure and a companion web site…we drove under this bridge one day, looked at each other, smiled and said we will be “Livin’ the Dream”…and so it began.

 Art & Mary