First of Many

Last night we experienced something we hope will happen hundreds of times during our time on the road. Early in the evening we heard a knock on our door from our campground neighbors offering us the “5 C’s of Campground etiquette:

  • Camp-Pies
  • Cool Whip
  • Coffee
  • Campfire
  • Conversation

They are from Muncie and work for the US Postal Service.  They were uniquely qualified to talk about the Postal Service problems … it would appear that politicians have written a bunch of IOU’s and committed Postal Service funds to the general budget and, in essence have de-funded the department. Sounds typical.

Their son was also there.  After serving 8 years in the Navy, he attends and teaches at a local college.

We had a chance to share our story about going from “sticks and bricks” to full time in just 8 months and generally enjoyed some great conversation.

We hope this experience will be the First of Many.