Honeymoon Night

We arrived at the RV dealership to take delivery of our RV and have a hitch and breaking system installed on the truck. The plan was to stay at their campground for 2 nights free to learn how to work everything.

They did not have the correct hitch for our new Ford Heavy Duty truck so they had to order one which won’t be in until Monday or Tuesday.

So – plan B – stay at the campground a little longer.

The first night was fun because we had so many things to learn about the 5th wheel that we decided that we didn’t pay any attention to the weather forecast. We had a bit of a cold snap – it was about 40 degrees when we woke up. Our first order of business that morning was to get the furnace up and running.

The furnace is gas, the refrigerator and water heater can run on gas or electric. We have a gas stove/oven and a convection microwave oven. We also have an electric fire place which puts out some heat and looks great and a combination washer and dryer which is running our first load right now.

We haven’t got the satellite completely working with DirecTV but we will get it figured out. Our internet setup works well and we’ve already completed a lot of school work and even had a “Facetime” session with a grandchild.

We should be pros after a few months.

The electric fireplace was our dear friend the first night.