Dragon Slayer

Temperature over 70 degrees and a big rain system moving in later this afternoon…so we decided to get out this morning and check out the area. We drove through one of the famous roads for motorcycles and sports cars – the “Tail of the Dragon”  – about a 14 mile stretch of highway that starts in Tennessee and ends in Deals Gap at the North Carolina state line.

Along the way we got a view of the Cheoah Dam where Harrison Ford jumped in the movie “The Fugitive”.  There were so many steep series of “S” curves that you would not want to meet a tractor-trailer even though they are technically allowed to be on that road. Traffic was almost non-existent which is in direct contrast to the summer season. We did see a Ford Cobra, a new Porsche 911 Boxer convertible and a number of crotch rocket motorcycles slaying the Dragon.

We decided to go ahead and take the Cherohala Skyway which is a 50 mile run through an awesome and remote section of the Smokies. At the top of the climb (over 4,000 ft.) the storms began to move in and we drove through clouds and ended our day with a driving rain storm. Someday we will do that same loop and slay the Dragon with our BMW convertible.