Energy Boost

Neighborhoods change. People come and people go. If you’ve lived in a neighborhood very long you know it has a certain personality. Sometimes it is low-keyed and laid back….or there may be a ton of kids and, therefore, a ton of energy.

Our house in Indiana was located on a dead-end street that was very family-oriented. When we moved there in 1995 we brought our 4 kids and landed in the middle of fertile valley. It seemed that there were children everywhere. During our 16 years the neighborhood began to naturally age and the kid traffic became less. In fact there were even fewer homes decorated with Christmas lights like the “good old days”.

The picture below was emailed to us and it shows how the new owners of our house have decorated it for the holidays. This is way more than we ever did and I think the other neighbors know Valhalla is getting a well-deserved boost of energy.

Way to go Mike and Leeann. Say hi to Hope and Sam.

Helloooooo Christmas