Fellow Sojourner

Today I decided to do a more serious hike in the Smokies. I chose a trail back to a nice falls that would take about 3-4 hours but it was sunny and 70+ degrees so that was the plan. Mary (still nursing her broken foot bone) brought things to read and do and waited for me at the trail head.

The trail was labeled “moderate” but I think they lied.

I was wearing my University of Michigan hat and many people who passed me on the trail said things like “Go Blue” or “Michigan“. It was interesting. I was also wearing a tee-shirt from “Taylor University” and as a family passed by me on the way toward the falls, the father said “Taylor University?”  I stopped and told him he was right. I said we had lived there for a number of years and that all 4 of our kids graduated from there.

While his family continued toward the falls, he shared that he had lived in Muncie for a number of years and knew all about Taylor University and Indiana Wesleyan University. He also told me that he had lived as an RV traveler for over a year with his family but then settled in the Muncie area. He and his wife were home schooling and that day they were taking advantage of the beautiful warm day to take their teen and pre-teen kids on a hike.

Within a matter of about 5 minutes we both connected…he shared that he was a follower of Christ and I shared that Mary and I were believers. We ended up with a strong handshake and wished God’s blessings on each other.

It is interesting the common bond that believers have around the world.