He could___go___all___the___way!!!

When you hear that phrase, most sports fans think of Boomer (Chris Berman) doing his play calling of a touchdown run. Well….today I’m here to claim it for myself (Art).

With the move to full-time RV living, I have made a personal commitment to become a better steward of my health. I have been blessed with great genes and have never had any serious health problems. My father lived to 92, my mom is past 80 and walks over 3 miles almost every day. However during the last 15 years I have allowed my weight, blood pressure and sugar levels to get a little out of control. So since this is a new lifestyle….why not go all the way?

Mary is onboard and is cooking awesome healthy meals and I am trying to make the little daily decisions to eat smarter and exercise. Gone are french fries, jumbo bacon cheese burgers, processed sugars, huge carb meals and super-sized portions. Here to stay are complex carbs, way more fruits and veggies, chicken, fish and tofu and smaller portions.

I am attempting to exercise daily. For the last month it has been walking and hiking as the core of my workout. The result so far – I have lost about 12 lbs. Today I actually jogged (full disclosure….it was downhill) a full half mile as part of my walk. This is not to be confused in any way with real running like I use to do…however it is a start.

Of course there have to be goals that can be measured. So for now my goals are to eat right every day, increase my jogging until I can run a 5K and lose 50 lbs….all by May 2012. That translates to about 1-to-2 lbs per week.

So next time you remember the goofy, grey-haired, chubby, 60 year-old full-time RV guy…..say to yourself…

He could…go…all…the…way!!!!

My faithful partners in crime.