Joplin Survivor

Today we went into town to get the oil changed in our car and for Mary to get a haircut. While I was waiting for the haircut to be completed I sat in the center of the mall with 3 old guys. One was 79, another was about 89 and the third was 98. They were just sitting there hanging out.

The 98 year old  was born in 1913 and lived in the general area his entire life. His wife passed away just 2 weeks short of being married 75 years. They all had some neat stories but one was particularly interesting.

The 89 year old had just moved there about 5 months ago from Joplin, Missouri. He had been caught up in the tornado that destroyed the town and was still amazed how he survived. He told his story of climbing under the big dining room table and covering his head…then he blacked out. He awoke laying on a pile of rubble about 100 yards from his home. His glasses and watch were still on. When he opened his eyes – as far as he could see everything was flattened out. He said he couldn’t tell which direction his home had been because of the wreckage.

All his savings were in a little bank in Joplin that was destroyed so he was still waiting to get his money. He moved back to Tennessee to be with his sister until he can get back on his feet. The 98 year old asked him if he thought maybe God was giving him a second chance  –  he just laughed and said he was too far down the road for second chances.

It made me grateful for God’s protection but also caused me to wonder what I would do if I lost everything in a matter of minutes.