Tennessee Gourmet Delight

Regional food favorites are always fun to checkout. Indiana and Iowa have the breaded tenderloin, the U.P. of Michigan has pasties (complete with rutabaga), Chicago has pizza and hot dogs, New Orleans has Gumbo and dirty rice, Texas BBQ and New York City is known for its delicatessens.

Well in Tennessee we have discovered steamed sub sandwiches….not grilled but steamed. We ate one without realizing what they were going to do to it at a sub place called “Firehouse Subs” . We thought it was going to be just another sub shop with a special theme of firehouses. You walk in and there are all sorts of firehouse props and pictures. Some of the specialty subs have names like “Hook & Ladder” or “Firehouse hero”. So when they asked me if I wanted it heated I said yes.

They delivered a sub that was served open-face and hot. The bread was so steamed that it was hard to hold it and eat without it falling apart. We liked it a lot but did not realize that it had been officially steamed.

Then we went to a local sub shop called “Subs and Such” which is not part of a chain we realized that they were steaming the subs. A little research and we discovered that this style is taking off here in the Tennessee heartland and will probably be in a neighborhood near you soon.

Next we are going to try Hot Boiled Peanuts that we see advertised along the highways (yuk).