Blue Plate Special

It was a nice sunny day today so we drove up to Knoxville to attend a free noon-time concert in the Knoxville Visitor Center. This is not your standard visitor center where you just pick up a map. It has a specialty coffee bar that also sells some lunch-type food. It is also the home of East Tennessee’s own WDVX radio studio. Monday through Saturday they host a free live concert at noon called The Blue Plate Special with their infamous DJ Red Hickey (for real).

The style of music provided is probably something like “alternative” country…or …country “fusion” where they play music you will don’t usually hear on traditional radio stations.

The first act was Cassie Peterson – she is the primary song writer and Doug Mosher played various instruments. They were very good and obviously have talent.

The second group was a strange “fusion” group called Tennessee Schmaltz – a group of Jewish guys who played Klezmer music. Apparently this is a form of Yiddish country music. They were very good and a lot of fun.

We’re coming back tomorrow night to see the Knoxville Christmas parade.