Bucket List Updated

We drove through the Cherokee reservation that is located on the south side of the Smokies. It was definitely a tourist trap but interesting all the same.

Since Mary had never been in a casino (and neither of us gamble) we decided to check out the Harrah’s casino located on the reservation. Being really big spenders we loaded up a player’s card with an entire $5.00 and proceeded to go and seek our fortune. Our first observation is that people are allowed to smoke on the casino floor…and that was quite obnoxious.

Since we didn’t have a clue how to play most of the games we settled on a 25-cent slot machine. At one point Mary had it all the way up to over $9.00. We could see it all in our future….riches….cars….mansions.

In the heat of the moment I took over the machine and with just a few pushes of a button I proceeded to lose our fortune and we left empty-handed.

At least we were able to check off  “Casino” from our bucket list.