Family Hangout

Our family hangouts usually consist of a special weekend – birthday or holiday or just because – when people are not working. We meet at someone’s house and catch up with each other. We get to see how the younger ones have grown and changed since the last time we were all together. There is usually a lot of food involved and at the end of the day everyone goes their separate ways until next time.

So how are we supposed to accomplish the same thing when we are living in an RV and never know exactly where we will be next?

Part of that answer is to use the Internet and the latest option from Google+ called “Hangouts”. All that is needed is a Google account, a computer,an Internet connection and a web camera. Then you simply pick a time to meet online in the Hangout.

We thought we would try our first family hangout to wish Dylan a happy 6th birthday. We used emails and cell phones to set it up with family members. We drove to a Starbucks in town that had a better Internet connection than we have in the RV park and of course that meant coffee. Next we got online with Google+ (the new Facebook alternative) and we started a Hangout session. One by one we saw Tim from Portland, Anne from Valpo, Matt from Indy and Ben from Fishers….all while we were in Tennessee. We not only got to sing happy birthday to Dylan as a family but we learned from Jack that he was already 4, Abby was feeling better and Lydia was sick. As usual Ryan was in top gear and blowing kisses to everyone. This was a very cool use of technology.

We hung out for about 15 minutes and can clearly see us doing this on a regular basis.

Thanks Google!!!….and Starbucks.