In a “Family” Way for Christmas

We were definitely in a “Family Way” during the Christmas holiday. We left our fifth wheel and truck in Tennessee and headed to Indianapolis for our time together.  We met with all our kids at our oldest son’s home in Fishers and spent Christmas Eve day getting caught up with each other. Mary had made a lot of little things for everyone to wear so we had fun modeling the stuff.

On Christmas day we attended our home church in Upland, then went to see what Santa brought our granddaughters in Indianapolis. We decided to go out to eat  – found a Japanese Steakhouse open.

Monday, we delivered a wedding cake to Upland for friends whose children were getting married New Year’s Eve.

Tuesday, we went to Michigan to visit our moms and siblings. We got a chance to see a little snow and were reminded how pretty the snow can be in the woods. We had a chance to have lunch with 5 of Mary’s 6 brothers and sisters (and their families) at a Pizza Hut. It certainly felt weird to see our nieces and nephews all getting big.

Then we drove back to Tennessee to get ready to move farther south. We thought of all the different “ways” we traveled to see family on Interstate highways during the last few days.

Considering the amount of  miles driven and how well the families are all doing…

we had a Christmas with many blessings.