Knoxville “First Fridays”

Like many major cities Knoxville has a special night each month when they encourage people to come downtown and participate in various activities. For Knoxville it’s “First Friday”. They have street performances, sidewalk food vendors, art galleries open late and generally a good atmosphere for people to stay connected with the city center.

Our Friday visit was intended to help us get familiar with the Market Square area. We also wanted to catch a free fiddle concert by a local traditionalist called Ferd Moyce. Every First Friday at WDVX is “Ferd’s Friday” and he puts on a very unique concert of old mountain music. A good YouTube video of him and a friend can be found HERE.

We shopped, walked, ate at The Tomato Head and then worked our way into a good sidewalk spot to view the Christmas parade. The day had been near 60 degrees but by 7:00pm it was down in the upper 30’s so it did feel a bit like Christmas even though there was no snow.