High on the Hog

Affluent and luxurious. At least that is what I think most people believe “High on the Hog” means. There are discussions about the origin of the phrase and what country it came from. Some believe it refers to the cut of meat that comes from the pig since the better cuts come from the shoulder area.

Others believe it is the location of the piglets when they are feeding…but who knows.

In any case we felt that we were living the good life this morning. Mary’s foot is beginning to heal up so we thought we would try a bit of a walk. The weather, however, has been rainy and cold so I checked the local mall to see if they opened early and “voila” they open at 7:00am for walkers.

Having never gone to a mall for the specific purpose of walking you can guess how high the emotions were running. We did something that we’ve not done in a while…..we set an alarm …and got to the mall with time to spare before the stores opened. Sure enough there were gangs of oldies everywhere. Some were all grouped together and you could tell they wanted no outsiders. There was usually an Alpha male leading the pack. Others were stragglers or couples who were all circling the herd. All were sweating, ¬†huffing and seemed to be¬†possessed…so we joined in.

We enjoyed a good walk for about 40 mins and Mary felt pretty good. So to top the morning off we went to a local watering hole for the various herds (McDonalds) and got a senior coffee and a sausage biscuit for a couple of dollars.

Affluent and luxurious. Someone opened up a multi-million dollar complex just for us to walk in and we dined at an internationally known establishment. Not bad for a couple from Indiana.