There’s Gold in them there hills

As part of our down-sizing, when we went through our stuff we put old jewelry into a box. We didn’t remember when some things were purchased or why we saved them. Earrings, old tie tacks, necklaces, charm bracelets, an old watch or two and even some church attendance pins…there was a little bit of everything.

We were going to Knoxville to do our Christmas shopping today so Mary suggested we take the box of jewelry and have a Gold buyer look at them –  see if there was any real gold and what they would offer us. We stood at the counter and chatted with the nice lady until she reviewed everything. She inspected all the items and then made a few little piles of stuff. It was rather time-consuming and boring.  If it is magnetic – it is not real gold!

Well……HO HO HO….she offered us more than we thought  we would get for the little pile of things we thought were basically junk. After that we figured we could afford to go out and eat lunch…all because Mary decided to clean our house.