Where do the Birds go in the Winter??

Growing up in Michigan, a typical scene in the fall was to see squadrons of geese and ducks heading south for the winter. In the early spring it was contest to see who spotted the first Robin. Within a matter of just a week or so it seemed all the birds had returned.

As a kid you did kind of wonder where they went. Just hearing the word “south” didn’t exactly mean much to me. I watched Heckle and Jeckle cartoons and saw how they would often be in warm climates or on cool islands so I kind of figured that all birds went somewhere like Florida. .  .just like those crazy magpies.

A few days ago we discovered where the birds go…flying birds and Snowbirds.

We were driving through South Carolina on a perfectly sunny day, making a few stops for fuel or a needed rest-area. All day we had see RV’s, motorhomes, trailers…you name it….all heading south. When we got to I-95 the intensity increased with the snowbirds going south. As we crossed the Georgia state line we stopped at the Savannah Welcome Center. We parked among a couple of dozen RVs and when we opened the door to get out the sounds of birds were everywhere. It was a real contrast to the quietness we had heard all day at our other stops.

So the great question about the birds has been answered.

All birds go to Georgia.