Coastal Empire

You’ve heard special names for places or regions within the United States. Examples include Seattle being called the Emerald City, Buckeyes in Ohio, Tar Heels for South Carolina, Yoopers and Trolls in Michigan, Metroplex for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and the all encompassing Gulf Coast states.

We’ve now been introduced to a new phrase for the Georgia coastal region. They refer to their area as the “Coastal Empire”. If you search Google  for “Coastal Empire” you get dozens of companies and organizations that have that term nested into their names. The newscasters and weather reporters seem to use it about every other sentence.

The interesting thing  is that there seems to be no particular reason or event that has caused this name to come into being. They are “Coastal” but I’m not sure you would classify them as an “Empire”. One Internet source suggested that the word “Empire” came into being because Georgia has Atlanta which has been the largest city in the south on the East side of the Mississippi for most of our history.

Whatever the reason…it makes visiting this area of Georgia feel very exotic indeed.

May the Force be with you, Luke.