Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds You

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

When someone says this to you, they are telling you not to act against those on whom you depend.

Today we went to Jacksonville to return a Kindle Fire that was having screen problems so we thought we would go to the beach and catch a couple of hours of sunshine. We arrived about noon  – the fog was thick on the beach and you couldn’t see a thing. We walked to a McDonalds and within an hour the fog was gone and the sun was warming everything up. It must have been the double cheeseburger that did it.

We sat on the beach and listened to the young surfers walk by in their wet suits and saying “dude” about every 3rd word. It was groovy and I worked the word “gnarly” into our conversation at least twice.

On the pier there were a good number of local fishermen enjoying the warm day. The pier is setup for fishing with little cleaning stations along the rails. One of the fishermen was a nice fellow who had a unique fishing partner. A pelican was sitting very close to him on the rail and when the fisherman caught something too small…he would feed it to the bird. The bird did not bother him at all. When tourist types walked by and tried to get close to the pelican for a picture it tried to bite them. I guess it knew they had no fish and didn’t need to be their friend.

It was a good life-lesson on a sunny day.