Fred and Ethel

All the old timers out there remember Fred and Ethel Mertz. They were the lovable and wacky neighbors on the I Love Lucy TV show. The main stars of the show were definitely Lucy and Ricky however Fred and Ethel just seem to always be hanging around.

As part of our journey into this new lifestyle of full-time RV living we have decided to incorporate exercise and a more thoughtful diet into our daily routine. Yesterday we decided to name our tummies “Fred and Ethel”. Our goal is to eventually convince them that it is time to leave us…or at least not hang around as much.

Mary has gotten the OK from the doctor to go back to walking and bike riding so we are on our way. Our daughter showed us a cool app for our phones called Runkeeper that uses GPS to help you keep track of how far you bike, walk or run plus it keeps a history. Having started about 3 months earlier I have whittled Fred down a bit with frequent speed walks and small attempts at jogging. Result is that Fred use to weigh 207 but is about 182 today. He doesn’t know it yet but he is going to be 155 by May and I might even convince him to go somewhere else.

It’s a lot like trying to get your deadbeat relative to move out of your basement after they have been there for years.