Hog Wild & Pig Crazy

What do you call a wild pig?

Do you call it a Free-Range Boar? How about Wild Boar? Wild Hogs? (sounds like a movie) Or…do you become politically correct and refer to them as “feral pigs”?¬†In an effort to keep from enraging the wild pig population I shall use what the government uses and call them feral pigs.

Today we were driving around a subdivision development¬†near our campground. The roads are all in place along with the utilities…but there are only 2 houses completed and most of the roads are blocked off. It appears to be a product of our lousy economy.

As we were turning around to go we looked up and saw three large feral pigs foraging and looking at us. We stopped and two of them turned and went back into the underbrush but one just kept eating – letting us know he was not scared.

If you lived there you probably wouldn’t be able to let Fifi the poodle go outside.