Jekyll (and Hyde??)

Doing our best to take advantage of any day that is over 70 degrees and sunny….we decided to drive about 25 miles north to a Georgia state park called Jekyll Island.

The island apparently used to be the location of summer homes for some of the richest families in American history. Over the years their descendants decided to sell off their properties so the government stepped in and bought up the majority of the island. Those who still live there are on some sort of a lease agreement that will eventually run out and the land will revert to the park.

Their desire is to keep the park pristine so any building that takes place has to include tearing down something that is already there. They have about 10 miles of unspoiled beaches and more miles of bike paths.

We hiked the northern tip of the island where there is a collection of driftwood formations that is continually changing. Since it was low tide we were able to do a bit of shell collection. We also saw an auto transport ship that was leaving a large port of entry for VW, BMW and some other car companies from Europe.

The day ended at a BBQ place that was a little hole in the wall that sells most of their food by the pound for carryout. They had a few tables  too so we sat down to eat. After the cajun hot sauce I felt a little more like Mr. Hyde rather than Dr. Jekyll.