Just Hold Your Water

People in America use a lot of water in their daily lives and I have just realized how much.

We made the reservation for our Florida State Park early when we knew our daughter was going to be in Orlando for a couple of weeks and would be visiting us. There weren’t a lot of open spots anywhere so we were glad to find a nice state park near Orlando that would accommodate us for a couple of weeks. With an RV we have to think about getting 50 amp electrical service, good water pressure, a clear satellite view and (of course) a sewer hook-up.

We thought that the park was a “Full Hook-up”.

Once we got our big rig into a very tight space we started the hook-up process…and immediately realized that this park offered a dump station that you could use but not a sewer connection at your individual site. OOPS. There was no way we were going to hook up the 5th wheel and drive it around to the dump station multiple times during our stay.

Since we were fairly close to the restrooms and showers we thought  maybe we could make it for 2 weeks without dumping our grey and black water tanks. We were wrong.

We went to a local RV dealer and purchased a 22 gallon portable tank on wheels. You dump the grey or even the black water and then pull that sucker over to the station and dump it. Do the math….1 gallon weighs about 8.3 pounds – times 22 and you have about 182 pounds on wheels.

Thankfully we made it for the 2 weeks and didn’t have to empty the black water tank but we made quite a few trips emptying the grey water so that mother and daughter could use the facilities in the privacy of our little home on wheels.

Now I realize how blessed we are to have so much clean water available for us in our country.