Know Your Customer

Know your customer. That is sound advice when setting up a business. After all…what good does it do to have a product and not have a demand for it?

People we have met told us about a huge Flea Market just north of our campground near Ocala. ┬áIt is open every weekend and it is enclosed with dozens of vendors selling a variety of things. So we thought we would go checkout what a “Florida Flea Market” looks like.

We went and just as advertised, it was huge with lots of people milling all around. We found a place to park our truck and started the journey. They had the usual flea market fare with tables of junk and people hawking the latest in potato peelers. It had a bit of a carnival feel to it and we had fun shopping for nothing and looking at the people.

We did notice a difference in some of the vendor booths and it just might have something to do with all the retired people living here. Look at some of the pictures and see if you can see a theme.