Live Oaks and Resurrection Ferns

There are words that are interesting and have many meanings to people. One of the words is “live”. When a person is alive they show evidence of not being dead (duh)!!! ¬†We get our term “living” from it.

Another term is “resurrection”. This word has religious meaning but can also refer to seasons of your life when you have turned a corner or discovered something new about yourself or experienced a renewed relationship.

Here in Florida they have a tree they call a Live Oak. Coming from the north I assumed an oak is an oak. These trees however do have some distinct characteristics and the park we were camped had the 5th largest Live Oak in the state. Up close it was pretty impressive.

As we walked through the woods we saw resurrection ferns. It grows on trees but is not a parasite Рit gets its nutrients from the air.  During the dry times it goes into a dormant stage and is brown, but with just a little rain the fern turns completely green literally overnight.