Lunch in the Heart(attack)Land

The American classic diet is steeped in all kinds of foods due to our heritage of immigration. However, only in the south do you see the menu lean so heavily toward the use of fried foods.

Since we came south there has been a standing joke that we will have to eat at Shoney’s. The Shoney’s restaurant chain used to be very popular around the country but now it seems you find them mostly in the southern states. So when we went out to do some grocery shopping we (I) decided to go to Shoney’s.

They offered a noon-time lunch buffet which actually had a large variety of fresh fruit and salad bar items. There were a few desserts but it looked like all the¬†entrees¬†were deep fried. There was fried chicken, fried pork steak, fried shrimp, fried something that we couldn’t identify and the usual instant potatoes and brown or white gravy. There was even a nice pile of grits, if you so desired. It was delicious.

A true Heartland lunch.