True Grits

I actually like grits. They are often the object of jokes and usually the people either like them or absolutely hate them. The grits that I am use to are the ones found at Crackerbarrel. They come in a polite little bowl that sits on the side. They wait for you to adorn them with salt, butter, milk or even sugar.

Rumor has it that if you fry grits they tend to be a little more like hash browns. In any case I do enjoy them although it is probably due to eating Cream of Wheat while growing up.

On a single over-night stay at a campground in South Carolina we decided to go out and get breakfast before we took off to continue south. There was a little town called Joanna about 4 miles away. It looked pretty much like a ghost town where they use to have a couple of textile factories but now there wasn’t much happening except lumbering.

We decided to go to the only café in town called “Joanna’s Café” (who would have guessed) and there were the usual locals drinking coffee and getting caught up with the latest news. Even though there were mostly men sitting there I did see a couple of them offer a prayer of thanksgiving before eating. The prices were good and the waitresses all called me “Hon” and “Darlin” so many times I almost forgot what my name actually was!!

I ordered 2 eggs over well, ham, toast and coffee. A little while later the young lady came over and asked if I wanted the grits with that breakfast….and I told her SURE. When the order came there were 2 eggs cooked perfectly, a big chunk of very salty ham, 2 slices of white bread toast (the only choice) and the other half of my plate was covered with enough grits to feed a family. They were great and the toast tasted strangely good.

Rooster Cogburn would have been happy…this was true grits…southern style.