Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise is not really a bird at all. It is considered to be very exotic, can be found in South America and is known as the Crane Flower…closely related to the banana.

Be warned….don’t try telling people in Florida that there is no bird of paradise. The “official” state bird for Florida is the common mockingbird but I don’t believes that something so plain could represent such a great state.

When someone wants to try to make their house look exotic….they put a pink flamingo out in the front yard. Even if that house is found in Minnesota in a mobile home park back in the woods…they know the flamingo represents paradise.

We went to the Jacksonville zoo and saw all kinds of flamingos. Some at the gift shop and some in the pond. They reminded us that we were spending the winter in paradise.

Click here for a video clip of the zoo Flamingo action.