Cult of Personality

Oprah is one of the biggest names in the world of celebrities. Just mention her name and you will see hear those that think she is pretty cool….while others think she is just another shallow Hollywood personality. Some people will tell you that they absolutely love her.

We were driving in the little town of Kingsland (next to Saint Marys, GA where we are camping) and saw a huge sign along the road that simply said “LOVE TOWN”. We didn’t think too much about it until we started to hear from other campers and some people in church what it meant. We found out thatĀ OPRAH was coming to Kingsland.

Apparently her new network called OWN is doing a reality show – she is bringing in a couple of celebrity matchmakers who are going to help 8 people from Kingsland find true love in their own backyard in 30 days. The show will air this summer.

So…the area we are staying is known for all the historic locations along the coast, the great forests, wildlife refuges like Okefenokee, the many ocean beaches……and OPRAH’s Love Town, USA.