GEO Tagging using the Jobo GPS

OK…that was a lot of acronyms and buzz words but basically we are talking about stamping a location on each photo we take telling us where it was taken. It is a lot like the old-fashioned way of writing on the back of the picture so years later you can remember where you took it.

Mary was given a great Nikon D3100 Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera and a Jobo GPS attachment for her retirement gift so that as we take pictures it captures the actual GPS coordinates of the location. When photos are edited  and put into a photo album in the Google Picasa system….the information is merged and you can view the pictures plus the locations on the map showing where they were taken.

She plans on creating all our photo albums from now on using this feature. It will be a great aid for us 20 years from now when we try to remember where we were when we took the pictures. In fact…at my age…it may help next week.