Home Improvement Saturday

If it’s the weekend then it must be time for home improvement projects.

When we lived in our stick & brick house we would often use Saturday to do some little project around the ranch. We don’t think that way any longer but it did work out that we tackled a project this weekend.

The ongoing project has been the replacement of the factory window treatments with real, functional curtains. Since we’ve been here in Georgia, Mary has completed the curtains and gotten them installed. A definite improvement over the goofy things that were there before from the factory.

Another project has been on the list and this week Mary decided it was time to do it. She had seen some lightweight metal tile that she wanted to use as a back-splash around the stove and microwave. The challenge was finding a power miter saw that we could use. We stopped at Lowes, Home Depot and a local tool rental place but none of them had the saw we needed. We were resigned that the project would wait until we got to a town where we could rent one.

During our Thursday night card game we mentioned it to the owners of the campground and they said they had a saw that we could use. So today Mary measured and marked the tiles, then we walked them to the workshop/storage shed and cut the tile. We then returned home where she installed those tiles and began work on the next segment.

You’ll notice that the only task I had was to walk with her to and from the workshop in case there was a wild armadillo hanging around. It was pretty much like all our past home improvement projects. I was just there for my good looks.