What does this phrase that is shouted by our soldiers mean??? According to Ask.com they talk about it like this:

You can hear it echoing from the hallowed halls of Fort Benning, Ga.’s Infantry Center to the ranges at Fort Lewis, Wash. It is uttered at award ceremonies, bellowed from formations, and repeated before, during and after training missions. You can hear it shouted by Air Force Security Forces, Pararescue, and Combat Controllers. The word is thundered out by Navy SEALs, and by United States Marines (who pronounce it “OohRah!”).

We just spent the last few days at Ft. Benning in Columbus, Georgia where we got a chance to see our nephew graduate from boot camp. We often heard the soldiers yell “HOOAH” as they went through drills and marching exercises. This military base is the single training location for our nation’s infantry soldiers and is a massive complex of barracks,¬†obstacle courses and all the amenities necessary to keep this small city running. We also got introduced to the concept of military checkpoints where we had to get our drivers license out and check into the base.

We also visited the only Infantry museum in the country. It is privately run and documents the role that the American infantry soldier has played in all of our wars and conflicts. It was really impressive and we were humbled by the sacrifice many have made for our freedom.