Seasons of our life

Tonight we got a stark reminder of the changes we all go through in our lives.

The folks here at the campground in southern Georgia are very close. Most of them come here for the entire winter and have known each other for years. They gather 3 nights a week to play cards and on Sunday afternoon for a potluck carry-in. Many of them are in their 60’s and 70’s and, of course, we all have our share of ailments that come with aging.

There is a couple who has work-camped here – the lady works in the office and the husband is one of the handymen. The lady was scheduled into the hospital for an operation that was expected to be somewhat routine. We just learned that she died early today and everyone is in shock. We have been accepted into the group but we didn’t get a chance to know this couple very well.

We want to be able to share God’s love and support during our last week here before we move on. This will probably end up being one of our more unique times in our journeys.