Shark Week in Florida

We went to Fernandina Beach, FL to enjoy a few hours of sunshine and do some walking for our daily workout. It was a 30% chance of rain so there were no crowds even though it was in the upper 70s for a couple of  hours.

As we walked down the beach we noticed an older lady stop and talk to a walker who was out with his dog. She was taking out a pill bottle and pouring some things into her hand so I assumed that she might be selling some pills or something (senior citizen drug dealer???) We minded our own business and walked by because…who knows…she may be packing a gun. On the way back the walker with the dog asked us if we had found any shark teeth. We didn’t even know that you could look for them. He said the other lady was showing him the teeth she had found and was keeping in a pill bottle.

With our trust in seniors restored…we started looking for teeth. We met a man from central Georgia who had a funny contraption that he used to poke around in the sand. We asked him what it was and he said he used it to look for shark teeth…and he had been searching on this beach since the mid-50’s (he must have been really tired).

We will never look at a beach the same way again.