Will Work for Food

You’ve seen them – people on the corner of the intersection holding a sign stating they will “Work for Food”. You know some of them truly need help yet you sometimes see others who weigh more than you do and wonder if they are really suffering from hunger. In any case it makes you think.

In the campground we are camped at there is an extremely laid-back attitude in the community. People are in no hurry and many are here for the entire winter. Everyone is friendly and always speak when they see you outside. The owners have an old dog named Jasmine who sleeps on the porch at the office most of the day and seems to love everyone. She is the official camp dog.

Every day at about 5:00pm the campground comes alive with the smells of dinner being cooked. That’s when Jasmine comes alive and does her best work.

Today Mary put a beef roast in the crock pot. Her goal was to make some awesome Italian beef sandwiches. Just about the time she was cutting and draining the beef we heard a noise outside…a small little bark. Looking out we saw Jasmine sitting and waiting. Apparently our RV had the best smell of the day and she was spending her official shift at work sitting outside our door.

You guessed it….since I miss my old dog Shadow…I took all the beef scraps I could dig up outside to Jasmine…only to be told by some of the other campers out for a walk that Jasmine usually begs outside of their motorhome. Apparently we made the cut tonight.