Family Matters

Family Matters was a sitcom about a middle-class family living in Chicago, Illinois, which ran for nine seasons. The series revolved around the Winslow family and their crazy adventures. Midway through the first season, the show introduced the Winslows’ nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel who quickly became a main character. One of the topics in the sitcom was that family and friends were there for you no matter what happened.

After spending the last couple of weeks traveling to Michigan to be with Mary’s mom for her last day and then with family and friends for the funeral…the idea that family matters really hit home.

People traveled various distances to be there. Those who couldn’t be there called, sent flowers or notes of encouragement. We had opportunities to talk to everyone, eat meals with some and remember the times past. In the middle of it all one of my favorite nieces (Chloe) drew a birthday greeting for me and gave me a Starbucks card. With all the activities going on I had not thought about it being my birthday. It brought a smile to my face and helped make the  day better.

If you ask the family they would probably say I’m more like the nerdy Urkel than the others but it is a badge of honor I will gladly wear being in a quality family like ours.