Fresh Start

Trivia Question of the day: What do you get if you leave a refrigerator filled with food for almost 2 weeks….in 80 degree Florida weather…and it stops working?

Answer: A Fresh Start

When we shut down our RV for a couple of weeks, while we went to Michigan in our little car, we had a problem trying to get an outside flood light to shut off. We tried the battery kill switch and other things before we finally figured out how to turn it off.  We switched the refrigerator to run on propane and made sure the tank was full.

We left secure in the confidence of seasoned full-time RV’ers who know what they are doing.

Arriving back at the RV the smells of rotting beef wafted from the freezer. Apparently the propane fridge doesn’t use a pilot light but instead a small spark lighter to turn on when it needs to cool. I had left the battery kill switch on so there was no way to get that little spark (D’oh!!!).

Mary completely cleaned out the fridge and we went to the store to buy the kinds of things one buys when they need to stock supplies from scratch. Besides the nice steaks…the worst loss was the 2 packages of Klondike bars that we got on sale – BOGO.


What I wouldn’t do for a Klondike Bar right about now.