How to Train Your Dragon (With Care and Feeding)

How much does a full-grown dragon weigh? What would it eat? How could you control it?

Training and controlling any animal takes a lot of time. Part of the process is keeping the animal well-fed and maintained with proper nutrition and regular visits to your veterinarian.

One of the joys of owning a monster truck like our Ford F350…. you have to feed and maintain it like any other 8,000 lb critter sitting around the house.

A fill-up of 30 gallons of fuel can easily cost $125

Replace one tire – $225

Diesel Exhaust Fluid every 3,000 miles – $15

Oil Change every 3,000 miles $132.46 (15 quarts)

That’s just a little more than your typical 10 lb bag of Purina Dragon Chow