Man Card Renewed

Man Card Definition: “A Man Card is required proof of manhood in order to become a respected member of the male community. It can and will be temporarily revoked if privileges as a Man are abused.

Growing up in Michigan used to be all I needed to be considered a man. However I realized that I needed a Man Card when I got to the age when I was no longer able to do the physical things I used to do. I was not going to be found on the beach strutting around and no young girls were going to be checking me out unless they had lost their grandpa.

So I did things like racing around on my John Deere mower, running the biggest snow blower on our street and buying  the biggest V-Twin motorcycle available, cruising around pretending I was cool. The bike, snow blower and Deere guaranteed that I was a card-carrying man.

When we decided to sell the house and “stuff” people began to question if I was really who they thought I was…until we bought our 5th wheel and one of the largest Heavy Duty Ford trucks around. When I fired up the diesel and cruised around….I was a man again.

Then word got out that I didn’t know how to back up the 5th wheel because of its size. We had only gone to RV parks that had a “pull-through” spot for me to drive in. Again I began to doubt myself and even my wife did a little….until today.

We moved our rig to a park near the coast in Charleston, SC today. Our campsite choice was a back-in lot – I had never done this before. The potential of total public humiliation was very strong. However …we checked out the site and I backed it right in…with the help of my navigator on the walkie-talkie. Now for the next 2 weeks people will walk by and see obviously a man parked that rig.

Man Card Renewed.