Old Dogs and Young Dogs

The campground we are currently camped in is about 5 miles from downtown Charleston, SC and is part of a 640 acre county park. There is something here for everyone – a water splash park, climbing wall, fishing pier, soccer and frisbee fields, and miles of paved trails used by bicycles, walkers and joggers.

They also have a very nice lake that you can canoe and paddle-boat on. It also provides entertainment for old and young dogs alike.

The old dogs are retired men that come to hang out and play with their remote controlled model sail boats in the water. Just like old dogs…they are not always good at learning new tricks. Some of the men appear to know something about sailing and you can hear them telling the “amateurs” what they should be doing. They run their little boats all over the place and have great fellowship with each other.

The young dogs have a section of the lake fenced off ┬ájust for them. It is the best dog park we have ever seen. You pass through a double gated entrance into a couple of acres of space for playing. It is open to the water – there are 2 beaches with retention walls in place to keep the dogs from running across the beach.

At times you can see dozens of old dogs playing on their  side of the lake at the same time the young dogs are running, swimming and playing fetch with their friends on the other side.

This park truly has something for everyone.