Skywalkers (Luke and Leia)

Today Mary and I felt a little like the Star Wars personalities Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

As you remember, they routinely were flying around, visiting places and seeing things. They got into all sorts of adventures and in the end saved the universe. Eventually the “Force” prevailed over the “Dark Side”.

Tomorrow we must leave our campground and warp to a new solar system a little north of Myrtle Beach. However…realization dawned upon us that we had not yet walked across the signature cable-stayed-bridge in Charleston. The Arthur Ravenel Jr. bridge is an awesome sight. It was completed in 2005. They designed a walking lane (named Wonders’ Way) into it on the south side. There is room for walkers, runners and bicyclists to get exercise. It is 2.5 miles from one side to the other and ascends at a 6% grade.

If you think 6% sounds easy to walk for over a mile….just try it.

So we used a lot of Force to overcome the Dark Side and completed the walk. We immediately got into our X-Wing (known as a Scion XD to you earthlings) and found a friendly outside cafe on a nearby asteroid where we nibbled on salad, pita sandwiches and ice tea while we looked for dolphins in a waterway nextdoor.

Upon completion of our mission we launched again and headed back to dock with the mother ship which is nestled among the rest of the fleet back at the RV campground.

Mission Accomplished