Sunday Sunday

Sunday – in the Judeo-Christian tradition it is the first day of the week and corresponds to the 7 days of creation. The Biblical Sabbath was Saturday reflecting the 7th day when God rested.

Charleston is known as The Holy City due to the prominence of churches and their numerous steeples which dot the city’s skyline. It was one of the few cities in the original 13 colonies that provided religious tolerance…although they did restrict Catholics.

We decided to attend the Charleston First Baptist Church which is the oldest Baptist church in the South, established in 1682. Compared to the architecture of the Episcopal, Presbyterian, Lutheran and the Catholic churches…this one was rather plain but beautiful.

The sermon focused on our new life in Christ. The pastor explained that most Christians claim they are “sinners saved by grace” but stop there…focusing on their past life. However the new life you have as a believer is truly Christ living in us and we have become sons and daughters along with Christ.

It was worth the drive into the city.