Take Cover Immediately

You’ve heard the different weather warnings. “This is not a test“, “Take cover immediately” and “Seek shelter now“.  Since we all know that tornadoes have an appetite for trailer parks, we have wondered how we would react to a serious storm or maybe a tornado while living in our little tin can.

Today we had gone to the ocean beach down the road to sit in the sun. Mary had been watching the weather from the Weather Channel app on her iPhone and all of a sudden the watch for a storm turned into a tornado warning and specifically named our campground park as one of locations in the path. It was still miles away but we decided to get back home and batten down the hatches.

Just as we arrived at the park the tornado warning was cancelled and just a storm watch/warning was in effect. We knew that since it was on the Internet it must be true (yeah…right). We drove through the park to the campground area and a few yards from our RV a lady ran into the road in front of our car and yelled that a tornado was almost here and we should all run to the bath house for cover. She had just a little bit of a “deer in the headlights” look. She continued sprinting across the road apparently passing along the warning.

We got the RV awning stowed and made sure all was well. As the rain began we saw people from all over the park heading to the bath house pulling their kids along and carrying their dogs. Mary and I knew the warning had been canceled and decided we would rather sit in our own place than hang out with a bunch of scared people, screaming kids and slobbering dogs in a damp bath house. It rained pretty hard for a while but no one was swept away in a wind storm or a flood.

Just another day in paradise.