The Challenge of Being a Family While Mobile

We have been trying to be intentional in the way we keep in contact with our family. We use email, Facebook, Google+, phones, texting and FaceTime to visit our kids.

We have camped in areas where special family activities are being held. We visited Ft. Benning for a nephew’s graduation from boot camp and planned a trip to Disney World to hang out with our oldest son and family. We feel this is part of staying connected as a family.

On our way to Disney World we got calls from Mary’s mother’s hospice nurse that my she was not doing well and should come home. We were able to temporarily store our truck and 5th wheel at a Florida RV park and drove our car back to Michigan.

We were able to get back in to spend time with her before she passed away. It has been good to reconnect with family and friends. Mom had an impact on many people during her life.

Within the next week we will head back to Florida and choose where we go next. God is good.