Better Living Through Chemistry

The phrase

Better Living Through Chemistry

is a variant of a DuPont advertising slogan, “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry.” DuPont adopted it in 1935 and it was their slogan until 1982 when the “Through Chemistry” part was dropped. Since 1999, their slogan has been “The miracles of science”.

The phrase “Better Living Through Chemistry” was used on products that were not affiliated with DuPont to circumvent trademark infringement. This transmutation is now more commonly used than the original. This statement is used for commentary on several different topics, from the promotion of prescription or recreational drugs, to the praise of chemicals and plastics, to the sarcastic criticism of the same. (Wikipedia)

We’ve heard the phrase “Better Living Through Chemistry” usually as a joke or just as an observation of how many chemicals are used in absolutely everything we touch, eat and consume.

Today we ate breakfast at a restaurant called “Mama Jean’s”. The waitresses almost ran from table-to-table keeping coffee cups full and customers happy. While we were waiting for our food to arrive I observed the items on our table and realized how boring breakfast would be without chemistry.

When we paid our $12 bill I mentioned that no one had referred to me as “Hon”, Darlin’ or “Sweetie”. The cashier didn’t even flinch and said the official term at their establishment was “Sug”….which she called me a couple of times on the way out.

Coffee, Chemicals and Sug…..Life is good.