BMW – (Bubba Makes Wheels)

We are camped near the only North American assembly location for BMW. They employ about 7,000 workers and have become the largest exporter of cars (any cars) from the U.S. to other countries.

We did the full tour which walked us through the entire process from the time the car is “conceived” (the frame assembly is connected) until they slap the baby’s bottom (put on the famous BMW insignia).

If you enjoy engineering and logistics this was a marvel that mankind can design operations like this one. They do not build any “extra” cars. Every car is already paid for either by a dealer or a consumer. They assemble multiple car models using just one assembly line.┬áThis South Carolina plant is so successful they are spending more than 500 million on expansion.

American workers assembling some of the best cars in the world…pretty cool.

Bubba Makes Wheels