Breaking Camp

If you are a fan of old westerns you have probably heard the phrase “break camp”. The pioneers or cattle herders would spend time camping somewhere to regroup and refresh then make a decision to move on…..break camp.

Tomorrow we head out to Cleveland, SC. We are going to camp for a week near DuPont State Forest. The area has many venues for hiking, fishing and just taking it easy. The trip is about 5 hours by car but when towing the 5th wheel we have to add more time. So we expect it to be a full day.

We decided to pack up and get everything ready today. We did a full wash of the RV, stowed all of our outside gear back to their proper places and made sure the truck and car were full of fuel and ready to go.

I did some basic maintenance lubricating some of the moving parts and also putting treatment on all the rubber seals. It’s like Armor-All for RVs. We back-flushed and regenerated the water softener. I made sure the tires were all good to go and hooked the 5th wheel to the truck. We did a complete cleaning and flush of the black tank so we will be good to go (so to speak)  first thing in the morning.

At dawn…we will secure the  inside furniture, bring in the slides, unhook and stow the water and sewer hoses, lower the antenna and satellite dish then put up the stairs. Check the lights, then fire up the bad boy while we do a once-over to make sure all is well…and then hit the road as soon as possible.

I wonder if this is how John Wayne and the wagon trains did it in the old days?