The campground owners told us on Wednesdays…in the nearby town of Pickens, NC…there is a giant Flea Market. Supposedly so big some people take off work  to attend it.

As we have learned…there is no better way to see a real cross-section of the local culture than to attend a good old fashion flea market.

We drove 15 miles to Pickens and found the flea market parking lot full of cars, trucks and vendors. We also noticed many different backgrounds represented  –  vendors who were Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian, African-American and those who were obviously professional and those who rented a table just to get rid of some stuff.

Walking under the covered walkways we heard accents from every corner of America – heavy southern drawls, conversations from New England and the bland mid-western sounds we tend to use.

We didn’t buy anything but had a pretty good time people-watching.