Elvis Has Left the Building

You can’t make this stuff up……….

When searching for a campground we use a site called RV-Park-Reviews to look at what the facility offers and what others have to say about it. It is kind of like an “Angie’s List” for RV people.

We have noticed some offer special entertainment and services during their “busy” summer season. Since we have only been doing this for 6 months we have not experienced any entertainment options at a campground….until today.

This morning I noticed a sign outside of the laundry facility that there was an Elvis concert scheduled for 6:00pm on the large porch gathering area. We decided to go.

What we saw was a pretty good Elvis impersonator who sang 2 hours of non-stop songs made famous by “the King”. At first I thought it was going to be totally cheesy…however once this guy got going he was pretty cool.  He and his wife live and work around Myrtle Beach doing these concerts on the boardwalk and for private parties.

There were only a handful of us from the campground there but it was a rock ‘n roll good time. He mixed in a number of gospel songs that Elvis had recorded and told a lot of trivia about “the King”. Mary and I were never big Elvis fans but once he started singing songs I realized how much music Elvis produced. This guy worked the crowd like a pro.

Who would have thought when we began our journey that we would attend an Elvis concert in the middle of the North Carolina country-side tapping our toes and singing along on a porch of a laundry facility. Can’t touch this.

Click HERE to see a performance for this Elvis. Once you hear…you will believe.


Elvis has left the building.