Going Green

Going Green – I went to my favorite Wikipedia to see how  “going green” was defined but there was no entry. It pointed to “Environmentalism” and anything that ends with an “-ism” may not be a good thing.

Once I realized that “going green” had nothing to do with golf….I stopped my research.

I have wanted to play golf during this winter to learn the game but not pay a fortune. Golf can be very expensive but the only way to learn is to play….so I must find the lesser known locations.

The Myrtle Beach area is golf heaven. There are about as many golf courses and country clubs as there are Baptist churches on Google. I suppose they are both considered “houses of worship” depending on who you talk to.

I started looking at golf courses close to our campground and was rather disappointed. Prices were 9 holes for about $25 or 18 for about $38 and up…Yuk…more than I wanted to pay.

Then I looked at a couple of courses WAAAYY off the main drag. Since no one answered the phone we took a drive to scope them out.

We found a small house in OK condition with walking carts outside and a “closed” sign on the front door (it was raining). There was an older gentleman cleaning a lawn mower who waved us down to answer our questions. He explained that this was a bare-bones 9-hole golf course. He said he tries to keep everything mowed and said the course was in pretty good shape. It was all flat mixed with lots of woods. He told me this course had no sand traps…not sure if he was treating that as a bad thing or not…but I had no problem with it.

Then I asked the magic question  –  How much do you charge to play this 9-hole marvel?

Answer was $9…and that included a riding cart.

Booyah….we have a winner.